Petit Four is A Design Studio in Montreux (CH) and Hamburg (D).

Go 511 Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority  

Spots that highlight several important features of the LA go511 transportation service
With the strong design language of Keith Knueven translated into a moving package for several different topics, the brand go511 is emphasized without being repetitive. (Online and TV.)

Wildwood School / Fundraiser Video / Production KBDA Los Angeles  

Another fantastic job for KBDA.
Completion of animating on a tight timeline, yet not forgetting that its about doing something really important: Raising money to improve the school and its facilities..


Spiegel Geschichte / TV Channel Redesign / Production Spiegel Geschichte / ICO / Ian Thomson  

Production and Design of the new Channel 'Spiegel Geschichte' on Sky Germany.

Art Direction: Ian Thomson (
Production Company: ICO (


The Production included a range of idents showing historical content in an abstract world.
Also asked was a complete graphic channel package.



MAX City Guide / Video Package MAX (Tomorrow Focus AG)  

Packaging for MAX Online City Guides monthly videos (Opener 10" and Closer 4").

The Showelements are used to define the MAX Online Cityguide Brand in the monthly reports on different cities and events.

All photography was done in front of a greenscreen backdrop, so that keying (of the many photos) could be done with chroma keying software.

Foto: Thomas Rusch

Online Music Star (OMS) Schmidtdedonno  



Online Music Star (now renamed LIGX) is an online platform for live concerts.
Schmidtdedonno developed the Branding/Interface Design of the product and also the marketing, we were brought in to produce 2 spots that would show the highlights.

One vid is the perspective of a FAN, the other is seeing benefits from the BANDS pov; Both combined show the spirit of the platform.
In the beginning of the production there was a big party, where we got everybody drunk plus dancing and karaoke .. so that we would have footage galore for the silhouettes.


SAP Online Security Eachfilm  

SAP Online Security is a project realized for Eachfilm, the across-the-street film production.

Assignment: Developing the Design, Animation and Production of the Background, 3D Animation and Graphics.

Director: Matthias Morick.


VANCOUVER 2010 Winter Olympics VANOC / DDB  

During the closing ceremony of the 2006 Winter Olympics, the mayor of Turino passes on the Olympic torch to the mayor of Vancouver. Before this event April Lavigne was playing and during the clearing of the stage a video was broadcasted worldwide: This video.
It shows a journey over Canada, from East to West, showing all regions, and settling in a snowballfight in Vancouver, where the 2010 games will take place.

All this in 40 seconds. All work done in 4 weeks in Canada and Hamburg. Broadcast worldwide.

PEDIGREE Commercial Graphics Logan L.A.  

Development of a consistent design language for the new Pedigree Campaign by TBWA/Chiat Day. This job included about 120 Animatics (see below).

ESCADA InStore Video Escada  

We were asked to show how we imagine the Escada Indoor Videos, for all stores worldwide.

3 different fashion lines were given for Layouts.

1 Animation was developed as a loop to show the integration of one complete section. Music is just for layout purposes, the final movies are supposed to be quiet (in the stores).


THE VOICE / Station ID's Mediagrill Köln / The Voice  



This is a fresh set of TV Idents for the TV Network The Voice, a music network in Scandinavia.
All design needed to take the initial Identity one step further, which was not too hard, since we also had developed that package first (working for FEEDMEE in Cologne).





NDR Radio / Logo Endings NDR / Ian Thomson  



The NDR comissioned Ian Thomson to develop end tags for the commercials for NDR Radio. Together we created unique solutions that reflect the different genres of the Radio stations.




PLANET VOICE / Show Opener (Directors Cut) Feedmee /Köln  

As part of the initial design of Scandinavian Music TV Network The Voice also this single show needed to be branded. It is the main show, hence it has moderation, and also a unique character. The main idea is the 'hobby chemistry set', leading to very unexpected results..

NDR RanAn NDR / Ian Thomson  



A TV Show Package for the NDR/Ian Thomson. Ran An is a monothematic show, that always deals with customer oriented topics, for example DIY bicycle repair. Therefore the design is based on icons as shown in manuals or other information material. The diversity of topics is reflected in the various combinations within the opener and closer animations.

Hilton Investor Conference NY / Video Package KBDA Los Angeles / Hilton Hotel Group  

OK, we were making fun of Power Point Motion Graphics for quite some time, so it was just fair that we were hit with this project: To do openers and video packaging for KBDA for their Hilton clients investor conference in New York.
In the end we were actually quite pleased what can be done with PowerPoint (when you embed video).. and then there was also the Opener and Closer for the actual Video.

This project was realized for Kim Baer of KBDA. “Look and feel” was based on a whole suite of companion projects — including environmental design and print promotions.

As always it was a pleasure working with true professionals, thanks Kim!

ProSieben Blockbuster ID BDA München  

This is a pitch done for BDA (Munich), to design a new packaging for a cathegory of the TV Channel Pro7, the prime movie segment called Blockbuster.

Our design is based on a movie ticket, to make the connection to movie theaters. An opener animatic shows how many ideas can be derived from such a simple symbol as a movie ticket. But then there were also other agencies in the pitch..


AXN Network Logan L.A.  

A pitch for the Redesign of the AXN TV Network promotion package. It is a project done for Logan in L.A.

Westend Online (Postproduction) Schmidt De Donno  

Another chance to help the talented girls and guys from Schmidt De Donno to bring their Websites to life.. We did the close work on the models (Pre-Production, Shoot Supervision, Key, Color, Post).

1,2 oder 3 / ShowPackage ZDF/ Opener Velvet / München  

Most people in Germany (that were young in the 80s) will know that show by Michael Schanze: 1, 2 oder 3. For giving an answer to the questions, the children had to jump on the appropriate field just when the music stops playing.

This is the redesign of this remarkable children show, which was done for Velvet. It is quite nice how the film picks up so many ideas outlined in the boards, specially the frameing..

Thanks for this great job Andrea!!



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